Network Infrastructure

SNE Technology
helps you build a cost effective network infrastructure to support your business operations. Your network shall be a full-featured solution that provides essential connectivity within your office and between remote/site offices, mobile staffs, and even your business partners. (ie. LAN, WAN, VLAN, WLAN).

Structured Cabling

The foundation for a network infrastructure is the structured cabling system. These cables are the information highways for data transmission within the network. Our offer covers the complete range of Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 7 or fiber optics system, including accessories. Our capabilities include design, installation, testing and commissioning of the entire cabling system. With our Cat 6 or Cat 7 system, your installation is ready for future high-bandwidth applications, especially with the imminent convergence of voice/data/video using IP technologies.

Network Security

To protect your IT investment from external threats, we implement zones of protection and install firewall at strategic locations of your network. The firewall inspects all incoming traffic to only allow authorised data packets to enter the network. We also protect you against "denial of service" attacks, where an attacker floods your line with an avalanche of nuisance data packets with the objective of bringing down your servers. In the event of such attacks, these nuisance data packets will be dropped-off silently at the gateway before they can get into your servers.

For internal security, we implement security policies and proper permission assignment for network resources. Users log on with strong passwords and encryption. Transaction logs are enabled for audit purpose.

Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN offers flexibility in extending your network to areas of your premises not covered by structured cabling system. Wireless LAN is particularly useful in these situations:

  • Large numbers of distributed mobile users
  • Temporary sites
  • Small workgroup located far away from main office, but requires connectivity
  • Meeting room where patch cables running from wall outlets can be quite messy
  • Avoid disturbing nice finishing on walls with unsightly conduits and trunkings